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I like making lists ranking players and you should too if you don’t want to be a fantasy football slouch. Here’s a quick look at my top ten running backs:

1) A. Peterson
I’d take Peterson at number one. Even if he had to play blindfolded this year, he’s still better than most backs in the league.

2) J. Charles
The speed and elusiveness is great. Look for him to make waves a like he did two years ago.

3) L. Bell
Even with a suspension looming the guy should be one of the top backs to go. People were scared away last year and so he fell to me a few rounds later. Won’t happen again this year.

4) E Lacey
Even in a pass-happy offense under Rodgers, Lacey is a fantasy beast. He is a younger version of Lynch so fewer miles on the tires should translate to more fantasy points on the board.

5) A. Foster
Should be healthy this year and because there’s a lack of any sort of talent at quarterback, he should get 30 plus carries a game. That’s good enough for me to be a top five option.

6) M. Lynch
Just outside the top five, Lynch got paid this offseason and he’s another year older. He’s going to be the focal point again this year, but will Beast Mode finally break down?

7) L. McCoy
Buffalo got a new feature back. Too bad they’re usually inept at putting running backs into positions to succeed. Change of coaching staff should help keep McCoy involved and a top fantasy option.

8) M. Forte
Forte is a dual threat out of the backfield. He can run and catch. Might even be worth a higher ranking if you’re in a PPR league.

9) D Murray
After a great season in Dallas, he’s now a member of the Eagles. If Chip has any sort of sense left in his head, he should just give the ball to Murray 30 times a game.

10) C Spiller
He’s probably ranked a lot lower on most other draft boards, but Sproles was great in New Orleans and it wouldn’t surprise me this year if Spiller finally performed up to his talent level.

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Just how far are the Patriots willing to go?

FOXBORO – It’s no mystery that the New England Patriots toe the line when it comes to following rules in the NFL. The Patriots have been caught twice; once for illegally taping signals of opposing teams’ signals and then again this year for deflating every ball seen at Gillette Stadium in existence. Who knows what else those dirty cheaters have done since Bill “Belicheat” Belichick was hired over a decade ago. Amidst King Goodell suspending the Pats’ pretty boy quarterback and dropping the hammer with the largest penalty to an owner in NFL history, the New England Patriots are back to their cheating ways.

DeerGate is the latest scandal out of Foxboro Massachusetts. Despite accepting the penalties handed down from King Goodell, upper management and the coaching staff have yet to change what many around the NFL call a “culture of cheating.” Brandon Spikes went from 4 years a slave to 4 weeks a slave after being released Monday, 23 days after signing with the Patriots, after his car was found abandoned I-495 the day before. One might wonder what exactly Spikes was doing in the early morning Sunday. Regardless, the Patriots were swift to cut ties with one of their more tenured linebackers.

According to a source, Spikes excuse was that he hit a deer and abandoned the car when he couldn’t get help. Police on the scene did not find a deer in the area. If Spikes account is true, then the commuters of the I-495 Foxboro area are in trouble as there is some sort of Super Deer roaming the wilderness taking out cars without regard for the health of the drivers. One would wonder why Spikes went out of his way to blame his accident on a rogue Super Deer. Draft Dashers investigated this situation further and found that Spikes may have had an ulterior and more sinister motive.

During the investigation, Draft Dashers found that the bladders of local deer could be used in the creation of anabolic steroids. Move over Ray Lewis and deer antlers the newest craze in the “culture of cheating” is deer urine. Our source, who wished to remain anonymous, detailed the process to convert deer bladders into an undetectable new steroid. Will the New England Patriots ever stop trying to break the rules laid down by King Goodell? The Patriots disregard for the integrity of the NFL is clear. They are blatant violators of the rules and continuously are saved by the Commissioner’s Office but this time they have gone too far. They should be stripped of their 4 Super Bowl wins, Belichick and Tom Brady should be banned from the game for life, and Robert Kraft should have to sell his team immediately.

The New England Patriots, their coaching staff, their players, and their fans don’t deserve to have an NFL team. Labeled as the most hated coach in the league, the most hated franchise in the league, the most hated quarterback, the most arrogant fans; the accusations go on and on. King Goodell should give the team to a city that bleeds integrity and will uphold the rules – think Mexico City. In the 15 years since their first championship in 2001, just remember SpyGate, DeflateGate, and now DeerGate.